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The Hardest Part (it's not so hard)

The fundamental piece in Recovery from mental illness isn’t regaining past capacity, it’s living fully with what might have been a deeply limiting challenge. That isn’t to say we don’t strive to improve our conditions, but that whatever the progress, we focus on life, meaning and happiness instead of what might not be ideal in our situation.

Ironically many people choose to avoid feeling anything altogether and opt for denial in any of its many forms. But while denial may protect you from the worst thoughts and feelings, it blocks you from any kind of growth and the chance of meaningful recovery.

This is why the single greatest hurdle of recovery is the fear of owning the challenge in the first place. Refusing to begin the work is the largest obstacle to success. But just like how the fear of getting cold and wet once stopped us from enjoying the ocean only to dissipate quickly into the joy of swimming moments after we took the plunge, the fear of facing our mental health challenges is a phantom that dissolved into relief that a beginning has been made as soon as we step into self-honesty. We can all do more than we think. You can do more than you think you can. I would only recommend that you engage in acceptance with the support of others who will believe in you during your journey. Remember that we were made to live communally and no one thrives alone. Trust someone who will allow you to face fear with support. These two things together are the most powerful tools you can possess. Trust in a support and the courage to be honest with yourself. They make recovery real.


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