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Counseling is an Art, not a Science

I spent years lost in my head. Everyone had a diagnosis for me, a judgment, an opinion. I knew what they saw but also that they didn’t see me accurately. I knew not to buy in. Does that sound familiar?

Lessons I learned that might help... diagnoses are not science and professionals are not experts. Their work is a kind of art, and there are very few real artists. I learned to look for them, to give a person a chance to see a little of the real me and to feel how their responses felt. The feeling I was looking for was the feeling that I was understood. If someone could fit what I showed them into a picture that matched my inner experience... well then I went farther with them.

The best helper/therapist/coach/doctor is a Guide. A guide knows the landscape and has traveled extensively. They aren’t pulling it from a book. Seek out a guide. Be discriminating.

Trust your gut. Your gut only cares about survival so it won’t steer you wrong.

And remember no matter how strange Your headspace seems, it’s on a map. Others have traveled there and can help you understand it, change it, escape it.

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