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How I Can

Help You

Individual, person-centered and collaborative sessions for mental health and substance use challenges.
One On One Coaching
1 Std.
$80 - $150

About me

As someone in recovery from mental health challenges I've experienced it all. In being lost and finding my way back I've come to know the terrain you're navigating. In my years of counseling this has allowed for deeper connections and radical transformations. My professional experience has led to teaching other mental health professionals and guiding the transformation of a large hospital system.

Whatever it is that you're facing, through my personal experience I might understand what you are going through and be in a unique position to provide what you need. What we do will be uniquely appropriate for you. I work with early experience, internal working models and trauma, which underlie the symptoms we experience.  We'll utilize attachment strategies, the wisdom of lived experience, a process of mutuality as well as methods based in cognitive behavioral theory and psychodynamic counseling to heal from unmet needs and to adapt to the unique way your mind and spirit work.

In my blog posts and the About Me page I go deeper into the orientation of my approach and how we might work together. I invite you to take a look.



Email to set up a free 20 minute phone session.


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